Our products have benefited a range of organisations and individuals.

Below are examples of how our products have helped:

Charity running a fleet of high mileage vehicles

A West Midlands based charity to support those with learning difficulties and additional needs came to us because they had a fleet of 20+ cars and minibuses, some of which were ageing with very high mileage of 100K+. They were looking to save on fuel costs and maintenance costs of their vehicles. They had noticed some of their older vehicles had noisy engines, were losing acceleration power and using more oil and fuel.
We proposed that they try both our nano energizer and nano maxx (coolant) products to reduce fuel consumption as the primary focus. This was initially trialled on one of the older vehicles and upon seeing the results, was subsequently applied to more than half of the fleet.

The charity reported the fuel savings were better than they expected, with some of their fleet seeing a 20% reduction in fuel consumption, and others at least 10%. In addition to achieving better miles per gallon (mpg), they also noticed the engines were running smoother and quieter, with better acceleration and were operating at a cooler temperature.

They are no longer worried about having high mileage vehicles in their fleet as they know the nano products help repair the wear on the engines. Continuing with their existing fleet is far more cost effective than replacing the fleet, so they reap longer term benefits as well as the fuel savings. With effects lasting for up to 2 years, they know they can provide their clients with comfortable, reliable transport for a long time before needing to re-apply the treatments.

Luxury Wedding cars and limousine hire company

This company have a fleet of older, high quality vehicles. The mileage is not particularly high as they are mainly used at weekends, however, understandably, when being used for someone’s big day, the pressure is on to ensure their cars are running smoothly and reliably.
They first approached us as their highest mileage car was emitting more smoke than usual.

Upon adding Nano energizer and Nano maxx, the improvement was significant – the smoke stopped and after a few hundred miles of driving, the company also noticed a fuel saving and that the driving was smoother and quieter. They were so impressed with the results they decided to treat the rest of their fleet.

Fuel savings varied between vehicles but were all in the region of 15% to 20%. They also added the nano energizer product to their automatic gearboxes as a preventative treatment to avoid expensive maintenance problems in future. They are confident the nano products are helping to reduce the risk of their cars ever breaking down while in service to a customer.

MOT Test and Service Centre

A mechanic from Cheshire approached us about his 6 year old Range Rover. It was emitting some disturbing blue smoke from the exhaust which he and his team couldn’t eliminate. Having used engine flushes in the past, he was expecting to be on familiar ground when trying our products.
However, upon using the nano energizer and nano maxx, he claimed it proved to be a far more effective treatment and effects lasted much longer. Not only had the blue smoke finally been relegated to history, but the nano additives had resulted in the engine running more smoothly, along with gear changes and a significant improvement of over 10% on the mpg.

He now regularly treats his customers cars at his MOT Test centre with both Nano Energizer and Nano Maxx.

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