Frequently Asked Questions

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Do the Nano Products really reduce exhaust emissions?

Yes – Nano Maxx (the coolant additive) will work on a vehicle of any mileage, even brand new cars. It vastly improves the cooling of the engine and a cooler, more efficient engine burns the fuel more efficiently (and uses less fuel overall) which reduces exhaust emissions.

Nano Energizer (the oil additive) will work as long as the vehicle has mileage of 25K+ because there will be engine wear that the nanoparticles can repair. Without engine wear, the engine will perform better, burning the fuel more efficiently and in turn reducing exhaust emissions.

This article provides more information.

Do I need to be a mechanic to add these?

No, it’s simple. Instructions are on the packaging, add to the top of the engine/coolant system and drive.

When should I use the Nano Products?

For Nano Energizer, the best results are achieved by using the product after an oil change or service, and the engine warmed up. The maximum improvement may take up to 750 miles of driving to take effect, but you will notice a gradual improvement from the day of application and effects will last for 25K miles (40 200 km).

For Nano Maxx, this can be added to the coolant reservoir any time that the engine is cool (first thing in the morning is ideal) and results can be seen after driving approximately 20 miles. You should notice a cooler operating temperature and better mpg. The effects will last for 25K miles.

G-Lay Graphene Oil All-in-One Type and G-Lay Universal Restorer are the newer generation oil additives. Best results are achieved by using these products after an oil change or service. This can be added to the oil reservoir, after the engine has been warmed up for a while.  The effect will last for up to 30 000 km.

Is this a petrol/diesel additive?

No, none of our products are added to the fuel. Nano Energizer, G-Lay All-in-One Type and G-Lay Universal Restorer are oil additives, and respectively as per instructions goes in the oil reservoir and Nano Maxx is a Cooling Radiator additive that goes in the coolant reservoir.

What are the benefits of Nano Maxx?

With complete combustion harmful Emission can be reduced by (30-35%), Fuel Savings of (5- 25%), Power Improvement of (10-30%) and Noise Reduction from 5-20%.

How Do I Apply Nano Maxx?

Step 1:- Turn Off Engine and Open Radiator Cap.

Step 2:- Ensure Radiator Water is not 100% Full. If 100% full, please remove around 50ml of water from the radiator using the given syringe.

Step 3:- Shake Nano Maxx vigorously for 1 minute to ensure the nano mineral is evenly dispersed in the sachet.

Step 4:- Pour whole 30ml of Nano Maxx into the Radiator.

Step 5:- Start your engine and keep it running for 5 minutes and drive for at least 50km as soon as possible.

*For best performance & effectiveness, we recommend to change new water and radiator coolant for vehicles with more than 50,000km mileage. (Rust in Radiator and Water will reduce the effectiveness of Nano Maxx). Nano Maxx will start taking effect between 50-300km. You will notice your vehicle is more powerful and the fuel consumption improve after this using Nano Maxx.

How Fast will Nano Maxx takes Effect?

Nano Maxx will takes into effect within 50-300 km. For older vehicles, significant reduction of “black smoke” will be visible. All types of vehicle, will enjoy better power, fuel savings and noise reduction after 50-300km.

Is Nano Maxx guaranteed to perform as what it claims?

Yes. Nano Maxx has been extensively tested by various testing facilities, car manufacturers and individuals. To date, all of results are positive and proven effective.

How frequent should I reapply Nano Maxx?

Each sachet of Nano Maxx will last up to 18 months and recommended to top up every 12 months or after each radiator coolant flush or cleaning whichever is earlier.

What is the difference between Nano Energiser and G-Lay Graphene Oil Additives?

Nano Energiser helps to restore engines by adding a ceramic coating (Zirconium Dioxide also called Zirconia) of worn-out surfaces of engine parts. It is brought by piston movement to all working surfaces of the engine during its operation. When the ceramic coating is completely cured, it will form a hard a smooth surafce on the working components of te engine.  It can take time to work, and therefore you need to drive or use the engine for some time to notice the impact.  See this article for more details.

G-Lay Graphene Oil are the next level engine oil additives available in two products i.e. G-Lay Graphene Oil All-in-One Type and G-Lay Universal Restorer. Both these products use graphene material as an engine protection or restoration product. Since it is not only one of the thinnest, but also one of the strongest nano materials, it conducts heat better than all other materials. The active material is reduced graphene oxide and these additives restores worn out metallic surfaces by laying a lubrication membrane on friction parts which maximise lubrication abilities. Raad this article for more details.

Using any of these products will lead to increased fuel efficiency, reduction in friction and corrosion and longer lifetime by outstanding ability of anti-wear.

Are there any side effects using the Nano Technology Oil Additives?

Since the nano materials in Nano Energiser, G-Lay Graphene All-in-One type oil and G-Lay Universal Restorer are so small, there are no risk for clogging oil filters. These additives improve lubricant performance of engine oils and act as a protective layer which is not degraded or modified by high temperatures. This article provides more details.

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