G-Lay Graphene Layer Coating – Universal Restorer

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G-Lay (30 ml) is the Ultimate Quality Graphene-based oil additive suitable for diesel, petrol or LPG engines. It is specifically designed for smaller engines and any type of metallic mechanisms. It restores friction surface of engine as it is protected by graphene layering.

Add one 30ml pouch Universal Restorer into the oil tank of an engine less than 600cc or any metallic mechanism as needed.

Watch this video to see a demonstration of performance improvement.

Watch this video to see how it can be applied to other types of metallic mechanisms.

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For Smaller Engines and any type of metallic mechanisms

Add one 30ml pouch Universal Restorer into oil tank of engine less than 600cc or any metallic mechanism as needed. Any type of metallic mechanisms i.e. compressors, bearings, gear box, transmission cases, differential, power steering, various kinds of machine tools, conveyor belts etc.

It is suitable for any petrol, diesel and LPG engines because the oil treatment is applied to the oil reservoir. It can be used with any type of engine oil.

This innovative liquid technology coats the engine in a protective graphene layer, restoring the surfaces in the engine and lubricating to protect against
all friction wear.

Benefits of G-Lay Universal Restorer for Smaller Engines & Metallic Mechanisms

  • Increases the lifetime of the engine or metallic mechanism
  • Serves as an anti-corrosion and friction restorer.
  • As it provides a protection layer against wear, resulting benefits are noise reduction and greater combustibility.
  • It provides a one-stop solution for fuel savings, reduced pollution, and a longer engine life.
  • Extend life time of engine oil max 3 times.

How do I use G-lay Universal Restorer?

  1. Warm up the engine, let it run for a while.
  2. Shake the sachet vigorously. Cut the corner of the sachet to open the packet.
  3. Add 30 ml of G-Lay suspension straight into engine oil. This suspension of reduced graphene based oxide in mineral oil, will mix very well with engine oil. The resulting effect is a graphene coating on the inner side walls of the engine.
  4. Place oil filler cap back.
  5. Run the engine for a couple of minutes or drive a few kilometers and then the engine is coated with graphene.

Alternatively, use G-Lay Universal Restorer as demonstrated in the video for any other metallic mechanisms.

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Are there any disadvantages using this product?

  • No, this product has been manufactured to an optimised particle size (one atom thick) to improve lubrication ability without clogging the oil filter.
  • For best results, change the engine oil before applying this products, or apply it after a service.