Nano technology products – can it really lower CO2 emissions?

Can G-Lay Graphene Oil really help to lower CO2 emissions?

Nano technology products are comprised of very small particles called nano particles.

G-Lay Graphene Oil and G-Lay Universal Restorer, nano technology products, are graphene based lubricant engine oil additives.  It is produced by Nanotec International based in Korea.  It is suitable for any petrol, diesel and LPG engines because the oil treatment is applied to the oil reservoir. It can be used with any type of engine oil.

But why Graphene?

Graphene is a nano material demonstrated in 2004 by two physicists from the University of Manchester (for which they received the Nobel prize in 2010).  It represents material that is only one atom thick, and on this basis has exceptional properties. It is not only the thinnest, but also one of the strongest materials, it conducts heat better than all other materials. Harder than diamond yet more elastic than rubber; tougher than steel (100 x) yet lighter than aluminium – graphene is the strongest known material.

How does G-lay reduce CO2 emissions?

G-Lay graphene oil is the next level of engine oil additive using graphene material as an engine protection or restoration product. The active material is reduced graphene oxide. It has been manufactured to an optimized particle size to improve maximizing lubrication ability without clogging the oil filter.

G-Lay is designed to enhance the performance of conventional and synthetic oil. This nano-based graphene oil additive restores worn out metallic surfaces by laying a lubrication membrane on friction parts which maximize lubrication abilities. It provides a one-stop solution for fuel savings, reduced pollution, and a longer engine life. It serves as an anti-corrosion and friction restorer.  As it provides a protection layer against wear, the resulting benefits are noise reduction and greater combustibility. The result is an eco-friendlier engine performing more efficiently.

It is packaged in a 30 ml sachet All-in-One for oil tanks with 4 – 10 liter oil capacity.  Two 30 ml sachets are needed for any type of big engine with 25 liter oil capacity.

G-Lay Universal Restorer is specifically designed for smaller engines and any type of metallic mechanisms.  Add one 30ml pouch Universal Restorer into the oil tank of an engine less than 600cc or any metallic mechanism as needed.

How it works

It forms a nano-based graphene layer coating if added to engine oil of any diesel, petrol or gas engine of a vehicle.  It provides a self-restoring coating and graphene layer process on the inner metallic surfaces of the engine.  Cracked parts within an engine have a high electric potential and the charged graphene is moved selectively on these metallic surfaces. Cohesion to these inner parts is conducted by heat and pressure. After restoring abrasion parts and coating the surfaces with graphene, lubricant properties are enhanced.  This leads to improved engine performance, with wear resistance, fuel efficiency, engine power, extended engine lifetime, reduced emissions, and reduced friction.

How do I use G-lay graphene oil?

  1. Warm up the engine, let it run for a while.
  2. Shake the sachet vigorously.  Cut the corner of the sachet to open the packet.
  3. Add 30 ml of G-Lay black suspension straight into engine oil.  This suspension of reduced graphene oxide in mineral oil, will mix very well with engine oil.  The resulting effect is a graphene coating on the inner side walls of the engine.
  4. Place oil filler cap back.
  5. Run the engine for a couple of minutes or drive a few kilometers and then the engine is coated with graphene.


Nanotec International claims the following improvements:

  • Restore friction surface of engine as it is protected by graphene layering.
  • Max 67% engine power improvement
  • Max 80% reduction of friction coefficient
  • 8% – 12% increased fuel efficiency
  • 5 times lower noise and vibration levels
  • 3 – 5 times emission reduction in CO and CH
  • Longer lifetime of engine by outstanding ability of anti-wear.
  • Smoother, quieter, and powerful driving.